Autyzm - Stowarzyszenie Pomocy Osobom Autystycznym


Autism is a very complex phenomenon and is difficult to define. When we speak of people with autism we need to talk about the entire difficulty spectrum they have to deal with, simultaneously stressing the fact that these difficulties are present with different intensity in every person.
Most frequently, in the case of autistic people, we deal with disorder of perceiving the world through senses. Such people sense the light, pictures, sounds, touch, smell, taste or pain in a different way. They often have problems with precise understanding of the speech that is directed to them. The different perception of the world makes the people with autism create their own inner vision of the world that is often different from ours. They also have difficulties with a classic – in our understanding – bonding and showing emotions in everyday relations with people. The world of autistic people is different from “our world”, and the communication impairment makes the autistic people deal with the experience of loneliness.
The degree of autism may vary: from milder to severe autism. Its effects, however, are always serious. There is a group of people with severe autism who encounter serious difficulties in learning. Another group of people consists of those whose moderate autism goes together with average or high intelligence level. Some people speak but they do not fully understand the meaning of the words they pronounce and they have problems with making a conversation. Some people do not speak at all. In such cases they usually communicate with the external world by means of writing. However, it is easy to conclude from the relations of autistic people that they really want to live just like other people, they want to join the social life. The chance for that is given to them through the help of specialists, therapy that is tailored to the child's needs and work. The experience shows that it is the work that is the best form of therapy and the source of happiness for the adult people with autism.

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