Summary of the activity in 2007 • Autyzm - Stowarzyszenie Pomocy Osobom Autystycznym

 Summary of the activity in 2007 

The association The Autistic People Help Association “Together forward” is an organization working for autistic people and their families. Apart from parents we associate therapists, teachers and tutors. We exist from the year 2001. In 2004 we were given the Public Benefit Organization Status. The association provides a therapist, rehabilitating help and psychological support. There is not only the qualified rehabilitating staff working with us, but also a psychologist, children’s neurologist and a speech therapist.

We function in the south part of Lubusz Voivodeship. Our aim is creating professional rehabilitation conditions enabling development for autistic people. Modern therapy helps the autistic people give the world the great things they have inside. Through our work we would like to take part in building a modern society, in which there would be a place for the handicapped people. We prove with our deeds that autism is not something to be afraid of, autistic people are not the ones who need mercy. We do want to show the inhabitants of Lubusz Voivodeship how enriching the contact with autistic people might be. Presently, the organization gather almost 70 families of autistic people.

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