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When we are thinking of the things that should be done for the autistic people to receive support on possibly highest level we become aware of how much work there is for us ahead.

The development of the staff
People are the most important for our organization and that is why investing in the staff is extremely important. There is not any specialization at Universities preparing only for work with autistic people in Poland. We are lucky to cooperate with Synapsis Foundation thanks to which our therapists receive the highest qualifications. In the years 2006-2007 we participated in a nationwide project “Autism - Academy for NGO. Ways to social and professional elicitation.” We also want to develop ‘on our own’. We shall be supporting the development of our specialists and we will also intensify the cooperation with volunteers. We also would like to support the development of the competence of the parents, their professionalism is the key to the right rehabilitation of a child. We hope to have more and more staff and that our staff will be better prepared to work.

The development of the forms of therapies
We are aware of the fact that our help to autistic people is still not sufficient. Taking into consideration the fact that currently there are about 50 forms of therapy known in the world, we are ahead for a very intensive work. Each child who is under our charge is different and that is why needs an individual approach. It is essential to create individual programs of therapy for every autistic person. We also plan a complex support development for adult autistic people.

Infrustructural development
For the first years of the activity of our association there was a huge problem with the lack of our own place. We were, in fact, given shelter from lots of institutions. We are happy, however, that since 2006 we have had our own place in the world. Currently, there are three rooms in a building at Niepodległości Avenue 16 in Zielona Góra at our disposal; they are adapted for therapist rooms. Taking into consideration our needs we are going to set up a rehabilitating-diagnostic centre for the people with autism in the next years

The change of the surroundings
The level of knowledge about autism in our society is dramatically low. Lack of knowledge leads to lack of understanding, indifference and often also to symptoms of intolerance or aggression. We want to inform the inhabitants of Lubusz Voivodeship what autism is, to mobilize different environments  to support us. We will speak in different manner to clerks, teachers, doctors or to business people. We have started from the work with youth. „Autistically skilled. The wave of solidarity” is a project directed to High School students.

We are also working on the program concerning elimination of discrimination of the autistic people who are under our charge in such areas as: education, health care, right to work, right to participate in social life, right for independent life and living and the right to get help from the welfare. We hope that soon the effects of our efforts will be visible.



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